Benefits for Licensing & Certification Bodies

Occupational regulatory bodies refer internationally educated candidates to WES for our document authentication and evaluation services to mitigate risk and to simplify and streamline the screening process. We verify candidate credentials as authentic and provide Canadian equivalencies for all coursework and grades.

WES draws on a deep well of knowledge and experience to help our partners. We employ more than 200 credential evaluators from more than 30 nations, and our evaluation database includes more than 45,000 academic institutions, one million courses and 1,600 grading scales from around the world.

Identifying Diploma Mills & Avoiding Fraudulent Documents

Thousands of hardworking professionals come to Canada every year for licensure or certification, and a handful will attempt to do so with degrees issued by so-called diploma mills or by using documents which are fraudulent. By instituting and enforcing rigorous documentation policies, licensing and regulatory bodies can select qualified candidates, minimize fraud and protect the integrity of the screening process. Documents should be received directly from verified academic institutions or other recognized organizations and authenticated by authorized officials. All translated documents must be accompanied by sealed copies of official academic records.


The WES Credential Evaluation Process

  1. Licensing and regulatory bodies refer candidates with international credentials to WES for credential evaluation.
  2. After WES receives all required documents and fees, evaluators with area-specific expertise verify the status of the credentialing institutions and the authenticity of the credentials.
  3. WES evaluates the credentials according to admissions requirements, education levels, institution types and objectives of the educational programs.
  4. WES measures the credentials against Canadian standards and converts credit hours and grades on a 4.0 scale.
  5. Before completion, credential evaluations are reviewed by senior WES evaluators.
  6. WES completes WES Evaluation Reports within seven business days of our confirmation and review of the required applications, documents and fees. WES Evaluation Reports are delivered to licensing bodies and candidates via mail or AccessWES®, our secure online delivery system.