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Our Policy Work in Canada: Advocacy and Impact

Addressing Needs at Every Stage

Evaluating and verifying academic credentials is an essential part of the immigration process, but it doesn’t tell the whole story of what migrants bring. WES Canada is invested in success at every stage of an immigrant’s journey; our support focuses on labour market integration and our policy work examines and seeks to remove barriers along the way. We work with government, agencies, non-profits, and local communities to impact policies and develop and advocate for solutions.

Crisis and Change

During the COVID-19 crisis, for example, WES has leveraged the attention focused on the needs of the health sector to highlight the challenges faced by immigrants who are internationally educated health professionals (IEHPs) who want to work in their fields. WES has been there to highlight and amplify their stories and to develop and promote relevant policy proposals. Early in the pandemic, a group of IEHPs launched an online petition to the Minister of Health offering to contribute their services to the pandemic response. The petition garnered over 35,000 signatures and captured the attention of the media. With the country’s attention focused on harnessing underutilized healthcare talent, WES partnered with the immigrant doctors who launched the petition and many other community organizations to develop advocacy initiatives aimed at breaking down barriers and creating more opportunity for IEHPs to fully contribute their skills in Canada.

Research and Surveys

Every policy initiative we undertake is grounded in solid research and decades of expertise. With one of the largest collections of high-quality data on international education in the world and a large database of prospective and recent migrants to Canada, we have the resources to support evidence-based policy research. For example, our 2019 report, “Who Is Succeeding in the Canadian Labour Market? Predictors of Career Success for Skilled Immigrants,” analyzes the labour market experiences of over 6,000 WES clients who have immigrated to Canada.

WES Global Talent Bridge in Canada

Some of our most impactful policy work takes place within WES Global Talent Bridge, a program in which we partner directly with agencies, organizations, and local communities to create targeted initiatives. Learn more about WES Global Talent Bridge in Canada.