About WES Credential Evaluation

A WES credential evaluation is a key step in understanding the educational backgrounds of candidates educated abroad. WES helps academic institutionsprofessional licensing bodies and employers by evaluating degrees and diplomas earned abroad to determine their Canadian equivalencies.

Working with WES is simple and requires no special contract or commitment. Candidates can be referred directly to WES to have their academic credentials authenticated and evaluated.

Fast and Efficient International Student Enrollment

WES credential evaluations help make international student enrollment decisions fast, reliable and cost-effective. WES also offers complimentary training and tools that help academic professionals make recruitment and admissions decisions that are right for their institutions.

Facilitating the Assessment of Candidates for Professional Licensing

WES verifies and authenticates the degrees and transcripts of internationally trained professionals seeking to obtain licensing in Canada.

Giving Employers a Global Edge

WES verifies candidate credentials and provides your business with a clear, consistent analysis of their educational qualifications. WES Evaluation Reports will help strengthen your international hiring practices and mitigate risk by hiring qualified employees. Our free International Degree Preview Tool (IDP) provides preliminary Canadian equivalencies for degrees earned abroad.