Partners & Programs

WES works directly with stakeholders focused on the education, skills and experience of internationally-educated immigrants, including policy experts, academic institutions, researchers, community leaders, and of course, immigrants themselves. Our mission-driven initiatives and philanthropic programs build coalitions that help drive policy and practice around immigrant integration and refugee assistance efforts.

WES Global Talent Bridge

WES Global Talent Bridge offers programming and technical assistance to ensure immigrants and refugees with international credentials can fully utilize their talents and education in the United States and Canada.

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Policy Advocacy

WES works to advance public policies and promising models that promote career pathways for immigrants and refugees seeking to use their international credentials in Canada.

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Employer Initiatives

Gain insight into best practices & practical solutions for hiring internationally educated candidates & refugee talent.

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The WES Gateway Program

The WES Gateway Program assesses the educational credentials of individuals who have limited proof of their academic achievements due to adverse circumstances in their country or territory of education.

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Global Higher Education Institutions

WES works closely with higher education institutions in the U.S. and Canada to ensure students have verified academic documents they need for admission. We work with institutions around the globe to identify and implement the most efficient possible processes for document submission and verification.

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Training & Events

WES is committed to the success of its partners and the internationally educated candidates they serve. We offer free trainings, tools, and other resources to engage and inform partners as they work to achieve their goals.

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Through grantmaking, impact investing, partnerships, and field-building, the WES Mariam Assefa Fund supports efforts that build inclusive economies and ensure all immigrants and refugees can achieve their aspirations and thrive.

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