Employer Playbook: Strategies for Immigrant Inclusion
in Canadian Workplaces

The demographic challenges facing Canada’s future are in motion today. Studies show that by 2030, the number of Canadians over the age of 65 will nearly double, and the country’s low fertility rate will cause labour force growth to stagnate. These critical challenges provide an opportunity for immigrants. Investing in an immigrant-inclusive workplace now will help ensure future workforce resilience.

The benefits of an immigrant-inclusive workplace are well researched. Such organizations are:

  • More innovative and resilient
  • Better able to meet the needs of diverse consumers
  • More likely to expand into global markets

This Employer Playbook includes practical strategies to bolster immigrant inclusion throughout the four stages of the employment cycle: recruiting, hiring, onboarding, and integrating. The Employer Playbook also provides a high-level synthesis of community resources and services available to employers.

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Who Is This Employer Playbook For?

  • Canadian employers
  • Industry associations
  • Immigrant-serving organizations
  • Staffing agencies
  • Workforce development organizations

How Will the Employer Playbook Help You?

This Employer Playbook provides easy-to-implement strategies to help remove barriers, address unconscious bias, and create a culture of inclusion in the workplace. It will help you:

  • Recruit the best candidates for your organization 
  • Add diverse perspectives that support your company’s resilience
  • Foster an inclusive workplace where immigrant employees can fully contribute


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How to Use This Employer Playbook

The Employer Playbook is divided into the four stages of the employment cycle: recruiting, hiring, onboarding, and integrating. Click on the section that applies to your needs: 

Please note: With the emergence of remote-first workplaces, check this icon when applicable for online adaptation practices.

Employer Playbook Versions

As part of the #ImmigrantsWork initiative, WES has worked alongside employers and community partners to co-design solutions tailored and localized to employers’ needs in three regions. We also offer a fourth, national edition of the Employer Playbook. Click on the interactive map below for access to the version you’d like to see.

2 Greater Moncton 4 Durham Region 3 Waterloo Region 1 National

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