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International Students and Skilled Immigrants

“With an evaluation, I can prove that what I have is equal to a Canadian degree. It makes me feel secure knowing there are future possibilities for me.” 

–  Omotola Akinlade

“I had earned my doctorate in epidemiology in China, but I had to prove I had specialized training and education to get a job. I was finally offered a position in epidemiology because my employer understood my qualifications because of WES’ evaluation report.”

–  Dr. Bruce (Zhiyong) Hong

“WES’ assessment was really beneficial for me. It provided me with the validation of my documents which was required by the admission team.”

–    Talar Chitjian


“APEGS trusts and relies on WES to ensure the validity and authenticity of the documents that our academic assessment is based on. The Gateway Program is an excellent example of WES’s dedication to finding innovative, yet rigorous ways to provide reliable assessments when the usual methods of documentation are unavailable.”

–   Kate MacLachlan, Association of Professional Engineers and Geoscientists of Saskatchewan