Provincial Initiatives Supporting Internationally Educated Health Professionals (IEHPs)

In the context of significant health workforce challenges, Canadian provinces and territories have developed a range of strategies to ensure that IEHPs are able to join the workforce more rapidly. WES regularly scans and summarizes recent initiatives to provide greater visibility into those that target internationally trained individuals. You can download our summary below.

(Note: We periodically update our scan. Please bookmark and share this page so we can keep the most up-to-date version in circulation. Please send additional information on these or other IEHP initiatives to [email protected] to help us continue to build out this information.)

Provincial strategies and initiatives that provide pathways to practice for internationally educated nurses (IENs) and internationally trained physicians (ITPs) tend to break down into several themes. These include:

  • Recruitment initiatives
  • Navigator programs / access hubs for IENs
  • Financial supports such as bursaries, grants, and tuition support
  • Expansion of educational seats and bridge program seats.
  • Expansion of supervised practice-ready assessment models for physicians
  • Regulatory reforms and new classes of licensing
  • Legislation to reduce barriers to registration and employment
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