Educational Document Verification

The New Zealand Qualifications Authority (NZQA) requires an educational document verification to authenticate the academic and vocational records of internationally educated individuals.

How We Partner with NZQA

Educational Document Verification is a mandatory prerequisite step to the New Zealand Qualifications Authority (NZQA) international qualifications assessment. WES ensures that documents submitted to the NZQA for international qualifications assessment are valid.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is NZQA?

    NZQA is the governing body in that maintains the New Zealand Qualifications Framework. These benchmarks are used to set standards for expected levels of skills and knowledge at various levels of education.

    NZQA compares the academic and vocational accomplishments of internationally educated individuals to standards in New Zealand. Evaluation results can help New Zealand organizations better understand your overseas qualification for immigration, employment, or further study.

  • When do I need an educational document verification?

    An educational document verification is required before seeking further qualifications assessments through NZQA. It is a mandatory step in NZQA’s assessment process.

  • Do I need to send a copy of the report to NZQA?

    Our secure online delivery system sends the report directly to NZQA. You will receive a notification when this is complete.

  • I already have a WES credential evaluation; can I send NZQA this report?

    No, a WES credential evaluation cannot be substituted for the Global Record Verification Report. The Global Record Verification Report is a unique requirement for the NZQA international qualifications assessment process. However, you can create a new application for New Zealand to order a Global Record Verification Report for NZQA.

  • How much does the educational document verification cost?

    The cost is $55 USD.