Three Actions Philanthropic Funders Can Take to Advance Equity for Immigrant and Refugee Workers

Wednesday August 5, 2020

Last week, Philanthropy New York published a piece by WES Mariam Assefa Fund Senior Director Monica Munn. The post shares insights and recommended actions funders can take to help ensure an economy that is more inclusive of immigrants and refugees.

Since the onset of COVID-19, immigrant women like Leonor Albarran, a janitor in Santa Monica, Calif., have been on the front line of defense in the fight against the virus. Leonor recently completed the Infectious Disease Certification Program launched by the Fund’s grantee partner Building Skills Partnership (BSP). The program was developed in close collaboration with workers, their labor union, and employers.

In the piece, Monica highlights Leonor’s story and the importance of funding worker-centered initiatives and worker-led organizations like BSP in order to empower workers and equip them for better jobs. Perspectives of immigrants and workers who are typically under-invested in are vital to ensuring an equitable recovery and more inclusive economy.

The Fund’s conversations with BSP, our other grantee partners, and colleagues in the field have helped us distill three critical actions funders can take to create a more equitable economy for all.

Read the full piece on the Philanthropy New York website.

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