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Education System Information
UNESCO International Bureau of Education Arab States Resources:

Country dossiers by region, including education profiles, reports, curricular resources, bibliographies and links
World Data on Education (UNESCO):

Searchable database of profiles of country education systems
Government Links
Cooperation Council for the Arab States:
Cooperation and integration among members in many fields of development
League of Arab States (Arabic):
Strengthens relations, coordinates policies and cooperates in a variety of fields with member states (English site under construction)
Middle East Partnership Initiative:
U.S. Department of State program designed to promote democracy and reform in the middle east in the areas of education, politics, economics and women's empowerment
Educational Institutions
Arab Open University :
Provides a similar higher education curriculum in nine Arab countries; promotes Arab/Islamic heritage as well as high-quality academic standards
Association of Arab Universities (Arabic, some English):
Conducting conferences and sharing resources between member universities
Federation of Universities of the Islamic World, Morocco:
International Association of Universities - University Listings:
Database of the names (only) of universities and higher education institutions in over 180 countries worldwide (searchable by country name)
Professional Bodies
Arab Bureau of Education for the Gulf States:
Association of seven states - The United Arab Emirates, Bahrain, Yemen, Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, Oman & Qatar; promotes collaboration among them to reform and unify education systems
Arab Planning Institute:
Non-profit, regional organization that engages in research, training, publishing and consultancy to increase the social and economic development of Arab countries
Institute for Arab Research and Studies (Arabic):
University of the Middle East Project:
A non-profit organization whose objective is to promote quality educational leadership and regional cooperation in the Middle East and North Africa
Information for International Students
A private, nonprofit organization seeking to strengthen mutual understanding and cooperation between Americans and the peoples of the Middle East and North Africa
Additional Links
Pars Times Middle East Resource Guide:
Website filled with links to organizations, institutions, policy documents, news, etc. regarding the Middle East
Research in the Arab World:
Useful links to libraries, research centers and universities in the Middle East and North Africa
World Data on Education--Middle East & North Africa:
Useful links to education ministries, university networks, and general information on education in many countries in the region
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