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The Bologna Process

WENR Articles on the Bologna Process

Armstrong, Lloyd. "The Bologna Process - A Significant Step in the Modularization of Higher Education." (Volume 22, #3, April 2009)

Leban, Ivan. "The Bologna Process and Academic Values." (Volume 22, #3, April 2009)

Clark, Nick. "The Impact of the Bologna Process beyond Europe, Part II: Asia-Pacific (Volume 20, #9, September 2007)

Clark, Nick. "The Impact of the Bologna Process beyond Europe, Part I. (Volume 20, # 4, April 2007)

Clark, Nick. "Bologna: Curriculum Reform and other Considerations" (Volume 20, # 3, March 2007)

A Practical Guide to Bologna Tools and Instruments (January/February 2005)

Evaluating the Bologna Degree in the U.S. (March/April 2004)

The Bologna Bachelor's Degree: An Overview (January/February 2004)

Explaining the Bologna Process to Non-Europeans (September/October 2003)

The Bologna Process as Seen From the Outside (September/October 2003)

The Bologna Process: How it is Changing the Face of Higher Education in Europe (March/April 2001)

Bologna Declaration Addresses Higher Education in European Union (January/February 2000)

Working with ECTS (European Credit Transfer System) in the U.S. (January/February 1999)

Country Updates on the Implementation of the Bologna Process Prepared by WENR

*For the most recent updates on changes to degree structures in Bologna signatory countries, please visit this document prepared for the European Commission by the Eurydice Network:

Austria France Norway
Belgium Germany Poland
Bulgaria Greece Romania
Croatia Hungary Slovak Republic
Cyprus Iceland Slovenia
Czech Republic Italy Sweden
Denmark Latvia Switzerland
Estonia Lithuania Turkey
Finland Netherlands  
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