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Research, news, and profiles on immigrant and refugee healthcare professionals

by Alfredo Mejia,

WES Education Services

April 20, 2020

This Cato Institute articles identifies the crucial role immigrant health care workers provide to the health care system

The Migration Policy Insitute’s (MPI) recent brief highlights the high percentage of U.S. workers represented by immigrants in numerous essential occupations, including health professions

This opinion piece from the Sun Sentinel discusses the need for further integration of internationally educated healthcare professionals to fill current healthcare shortages, specifically referencing brain waste

Open Society Foundations, with More in Common and YouGov, conducted a survey asking Americans if they would approve of foreign doctors working on the front lines of the pandemic. By a 6/1 margin, Americans support overseas-trained doctors and nurses being able to temporarily practice medicine in America to help care for COVID-19 patients

This New Yorker article highlights the actions taken by some states to help integrate foreign educated medical graduates into the fight against COVID-19

New data from Center for Migration Studies (CMS) estimates that 19.8 million immigrants work in “essential critical infrastructure” categories. The report goes into detail about the amounts of immigrants working across specific industries

Brooking’s Institute, “Don’t Forget to Thank the Immigrants Too” discusses the contributions of immigrants across sectors and industries, highlighting the role immigrants are playing in helping humanity during the COVID-19 crisis and advocating for an ease in regulations preventing immigrants from utilizing their skills 

Center for Global Development (CGD)“Migrant Health Workers Are on the COVID-19 Frontline. We Need More of Them” advocates for reducing barriers to help immigrant healthcare professionals practice in the U.S. and other countries, including data on the number of healthcare professionals in the U.S., shortages in healthcare workers prior to COVID-19, and the historical resistance to migration of healthcare professions 

Immigration ImpactsImmigrant Health Care Workers Play a Vital Role in the United States’ COVID-19 Response” gives current data on immigrants in the healthcare profession/industry during COVID-19 crisis 

Migration Policy Institute’s (MPI) fact sheet Immigrant Workers: Vital to the U.S. COVID-19 Response, Disproportionately Vulnerable” shows that immigrants account for larger shares in coronavirus-response frontline occupations, and discussing opportunities for practitioners to address the additional challenges faced by immigrants during the COVID-19 pandemic 

Migration Policy Institute (MPI)“As U.S. Health-Care System Buckles under Pandemic, Immigrant & Refugee Professionals Could Represent a Critical Resource” gives commentary on the role of immigrant healthcare professionals during the COVID-19 crisis including some valuable data about the underutilization rates of their skills and talents 

New American Economy (NAE)“Immigration and Covid-19” contains useful data pertaining to immigrants and the COVID-19 pandemic 

Center for American Progress (CAP), “Removing Barriers for Immigrant Medical Professionals Is Critical To Help Fight Coronavirus” highlights unique ways that state and federal stakeholders can lift barriers and enable immigrant and internationally trained healthcare professionals to work in their field in the COVID-19 crisis. It encourages USCIS and the U.S. Dept. of State to remove roadblocks, such as visa and interview requirements, and ease residency requirements to allow more immigrant doctors to practice 

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