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Pathways E-Guides for Nursing in the U.S. and Canada Now Available

Monday November 27, 2017 | by Mia Nacamulli

World Education Services (WES) Global Talent Bridge presents Career Pathways in Nursing, the first in its new series of Pathways e-guides. The e-guide, available in both U.S. and Canadian editions, explores career and academic pathways in the field of nursing, as well as alternative and related careers. With practical information on the different educational pathways in the field, licensing and certification requirements for common nursing careers, and career options that make the best use of transferable skills, Career Pathways in Nursing offers step-by-step guidance for internationally trained nurses seeking to use their foreign education and experience in the United States and Canada, as well as others seeking to enter the nursing profession.

What are the Pathways e-guides? WES Global Talent Bridge’s Pathways series provides comprehensive resources for skilled immigrants to plan their professional futures. The e-guides provide sector-specific advice and resources on academic requirements, career options, and, as possible, licensing and certification requirements. A one-stop source for strategies, support, and additional resources, the Pathways e-guides are helpful at every step of the journey toward professional success for skilled immigrants in the United States or Canada.

Global Talent Bridge Director Paul Feltman calls the Pathways series “an essential reference for skilled immigrants, who until now have had to navigate their professional pathways largely on their own, with only limited resources available to them.”

How can the Pathways e-guides help nurses who want to work in the United States and Canada? A nurse’s roles and responsibilities in the United States and Canada may be different than in other countries where the profession refers to more general care. Internationally trained nurses need to meet the same requirements as U.S.- or Canadian-educated nurses, so even with many years of experience, they need to obtain a new license to practice in the U.S. or Canada. Career Pathways in Nursing can help them understand the steps involved in obtaining new credentials, and direct them to the appropriate licensing bodies and organizations along the way.

A career pathway is made up of the educational and professional decisions that open doors to new opportunities. Education and training are the building blocks of a career, leading to promotions and additional professional responsibilities.

Career Pathways in Nursing describes the roles and responsibilities of nurses in the United States and Canada, as well as common job titles in the nursing field and what educational requirements are necessary to qualify for different nursing positions. Because re-licensing can be time- and cost- prohibitive, the e-guides also give special attention to related and alternative careers. These are ideal options for internationally trained nurses who want to continue working in the field of healthcare, but do not want to undergo the re-licensing process, or who want to work while re-licensing in the U.S. or Canada.

What’s next for Pathways? The Pathways e-guide series will cover a wide range of careers. Like Career Pathways in Nursing, the upcoming e-guides will feature:

  • Strategies for achieving career success.
  • Helpful charts highlighting licensing and certification requirements.
  • Interactive worksheets and guides.
  • Success stories spotlighting the real-life professional pathways of skilled-immigrants.
  • Links to helpful resources in each field.

WES Global Talent Bridge plans to publish additional e-guides for internationally trained educators and health care professionals in the coming months. With these guides in hand, skilled immigrants can navigate their professional fields with confidence and support.

Download the e-guide for the U.S.

Download the e-guide for Canada.

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