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15 Years of Immigrant Skills Inclusion in Toronto: A Report on Progress

Monday November 26, 2018 | by Anne S. Greenwood

The prominence of the conversation on diversity and inclusion has risen over the last few decades across Canada. In Toronto, much of the progress can be attributed to the work of the Toronto Region Immigrant Employment Council (TRIEC) that has been driving this conversation for 15 years now.

To mark the anniversary, TRIEC released the State of immigrant Inclusion report looking at the advancement toward labour market integration of immigrants since the organization’s inception in 2003.

The report includes best practices of immigrant-serving organizations in collaborating with employers—important lessons for those setting out an initial corporate engagement strategy.

Following the release of the report, TRIEC spoke with Shamira Madhany, managing director for Canada and deputy executive director at WES to understand the continued challenges in immigrant integration, and the future of assessment and recognition.

“We need to assure hiring managers, human resources professionals—everyone hiring—that a credential evaluation is a reliable, credible, and trusted source to ensure the qualifications of an internationally trained candidate. It also goes beyond credentials…”

Continue reading the interview and access the full report.

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