Learn about our work to advance policies that give immigrants and refugees a fair chance of reaching their educational and career goals.

The Teacher Bridge Project

WES Global Talent Bridge’s Teacher Bridge project promotes pathways to teaching for internationally trained educators.


As school districts across the United States face growing teacher workforce shortages, internationally trained educators and other qualified workers with experience from outside the U.S. represent an untapped resource.

Through the WES Teacher Bridge project, states and local partners collaborate to strengthen pathways to teaching for internationally trained educators, supporting more robust and inclusive educator workforces.

Teacher Bridge Partners

Teacher Bridge currently offers a community of practice for six WES Global Talent Bridge Skilled Immigrant Integration Program (SIIP) partners that have demonstrated leadership in the field of immigrant and refugee workforce inclusion. These partners include nonprofits, educational organizations, and government agencies in Lincoln Neb.; Portland, Maine; and in the states of Michigan, Ohio, Texas, and Virginia.

Opportunities for Collaboration

Participation in Teacher Bridge includes:

    • Monthly workshops
    • Individualized technical assistance from a nationally recognized leader in expanding access to educator preparation programs and strengthening diversity in the teacher workforce
    • Participation in a public webinar series exploring effective program and policy models and opportunities to support the career advancement of internationally trained educators
For more information about the project and how to get involved, contact WES Global Talent Bridge.

Additional Resources

Teacher Bridge builds on WES Global Talent Bridge’s long-standing efforts to support the career advancement of internationally trained educators in the U.S.

Find out more in our 2017 report, Can Immigrant Professionals Help Reduce Teacher Shortages in the U.S.?

WES Global Talent Bridge’s Career Pathways in Education e-guide offers guidance to internationally trained immigrants seeking to use their international education in the U.S.

Visit the WES Global Talent Bridge Resources page for additional resources.