WES Mariam Assefa Fund Grantee Partners

EdTech Center @ World Education

Category: Skills and Supports

Amount: USD$499,441

Term: July 2020 - June 2022

Focus: The EdTech Center is launching the Equity in mLearning initiative to build tools and networks that improve access to digital learning, training, and skill development programs for immigrant-serving organizations and workers.

About the EdTech Center @ World Education

The EdTech Center @ World Education leverages technology to increase the reach and impact of education and workforce initiatives. As a leader in education technology, the EdTech Center works to build equitable and inclusive digital learning ecosystems that enable everyone to thrive and be informed, active citizens in the new digital world. Housed at World Education in Boston, the EdTech Center works with partners to accelerate learning, digital literacy, college and career readiness, and economic mobility for all. Its staff is made up of go-to experts in leveraging technology to increase the education, career, and life outcomes of adults and youth who have foundational skill development needs.

What type of work will the grant enable? 

The EdTech Center’s Equity in mLearning initiative is developing a new, inclusive, and accessible mobile learning and career support platform for immigrant-serving workforce organizations and workers. Over the next two years, the team is developing and piloting the open source platform in close collaboration with these organizations. Partnering with developers of existing open source learning management technologies, the team is creating a platform that will offer learning content, referrals to learning and career opportunities, portable records, and support that immigrants need for economic mobility in an increasingly digital world.

Why is this work important?

As remote learning and training becomes more integrated in our new normal, the Equity in mLearning initiative responds to needs of the field and aims at advancing solutions that can address the digital divide experienced by immigrants and refugees and the organizations that serve them. An open source platform is needed to bring life-changing education, industry-specific training, career navigation, and other critical resources and services at scale to immigrants and refugees to create critical pathways to economic opportunity. The platform will offer an affordable and accessible way for immigrant workers to use mobile-enabled tools that support their job seeking, learning, and career advancement goals.