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New Research from World Education Services Shows Career Outcomes for Current International Students and Alumni
New York, NY (October 17, 2017)—New research from World Education Services (WES) finds that 89 percent of international alumni and 92 percent of current international students believe their U.S. education is a good investment. However, many face difficulties navigating visa authorization, gaining work experience, and finding jobs in their home countries or the U.S. after graduation.

World Education Services Releases New Research into International Students’ Experiences Working with Education Agents
New York, NY (June 6, 2017)—New research from World Education Service (WES) indicates that two thirds of U.S.-bound international students who work with education agents use independent rather than…

WES Provides Support for International Students and Skilled Immigrants in New York City
New York, NY (November 11, 2016)—How do I find a job in the U.S. when I earned my degree in another country? How do I adjust to the American education system? Millions of international students and skilled immigrants grapple with these questions and more as they navigate life in a new country…

World Education Services: Helping International Students Thrive on Campus
New York, NY (October 4, 2016)—International students often face unique challenges to success while studying in the United States. Understanding those challenges and helping international students overcome them is key for higher education institutions that want to recruit and retain top international students…

WES Spearheads Efforts to Help Refugees Have their Educational Credentials Recognized
Toronto, Ontario (May 18, 2016)—After years of enduring civil war, more than 25,000 Syrian refugees recently arrived in Canada and are dreaming about a successful life in their new home….