Media Archive: Integrating Internationally Educated Health Professionals into Canada's Health Systems

Health Care Providers to Canadian Governments: This is our Prescription for Hope (Canadian Medical Association, November 4, 2022) 

Doctors, Nurses, Health Care Advocates Provide ‘Prescription for Hope’ to Governments (The Globe and Mail, November 4, 2022) 

Employers are Rushing to Fill Jobs With Temporary Foreign Workers (The Globe and Mail, October 31, 2022) 

Nurses leaving Canada doubled in the last five years amid health-care crisis (CTV News, October 26, 2022) 

N.L.’s Premier Asked Doctors to Contact Him Directly About Working in the Province. They Had a Lot to Say (CBC News, October 19, 2022) 

Filling the Gaps: Where Universities Stand in Addressing the Nursing Shortage (University Affairs, October 18, 2022) 

Foreign Doctors Should be Part of Solution to Health Care Crisis (Toronto Star, October 18, 2022) 

Proposed Reg Changes Will Get More Nurses Registered (CNO, September 29, 2022) 

New Brunswick Expanding Navigator Program in Bid to Add International Health-Care Workers (Global News, September 27, 2022) 

Ontario has Promised to put Immigrant Nurses to Work Faster. That Change is Long Overdue (CBC News, September 20, 2022) 

Ontario Gives OK for Nursing College to Expedite International Nurse Registration (Toronto Star, September 7, 2022) 

Saskatchewan Government Releases Action Plan for Health-Care Workers (Global News, September 7, 2022) 

Nova Scotia Looking to Fast Track Licensing Process for Ukrainian Health Workers (Global News, August 25, 2022) 

Singh Warns Against Boosting Private Health Services: ‘We Can’t Allow That to Happen’ (Global News, August 24, 2022) 

Provincial Funding Aims to Speed up Licensing for Internationally Educated Nurses (CBC News, August 23, 2022) 

How Immigrants are Overcoming Obstacles to Build Careers in Canada (The Globe and Mail, August 23, 2022) 

Internationally Educated Nurses Could Help Home Care Relieve Strain on Hospitals (Toronto Star, August 20, 2022) 

Ontario to Fund More Private Clinic Surgeries, Send Patients to Temporary LTCs to Ease Health-Care Pressures (CBC News, August 18, 2022) 

Here are the Changes Coming to Ontario’s Publicly Funded Health-Care System (Toronto Star, August 18, 2022) 

Canada’s Health Care System Needs a Shakeup as the Status Quo is Failing (Opinion) (The Globe and Mail, August 18, 2022) 

Ontario Nursing College Proposes to Temporarily Register International Nurses (Global News, August 18, 2022) 

Hundreds of Nursing Home Beds Sit Vacant Because of Staff Shortages (CBC News, August 15, 2022) 

Foreign-Educated Nurse Allowed to Work in Manitoba After Appeal Panel Ruling (CBC News, August 15, 2022) 

Nursing Certification Rollback Welcomed by Advocates Amid Staffing Shortage (Global News, August 14, 2022) 

As Ontario Sees Staffing Shortages Amid a Health-Care Crisis, London’s Emergency Services are no Different (CBC News, August 12, 2022) 

Manitoba Orders Regulator to Remove Barrier That Prevented Some Internationally Trained Nurses From Working (CBC News, August 12, 2022) 

Why Financial Incentives Aren’t Enough to Deal With Health-Care Staffing Shortages (CBC News, August 12, 2022) 

Podcast: Internationally Trained Medical Staff Could Help Ontario Hospitals but Can’t (Toronto Star, August 11, 2022) 

National System for Tracking Health-Care Staff Needed to Address Future Challenges: CMA President (CTV News, August 11, 2022) 

Ontario Health Minister Says Health-Care Access Through OHIP Won’t Change (Global News, August 11, 2022) 

5 Things Experts Say Could Ease Pressures on Ontario’s Health-Care System (CBC News, August 11, 2022) 

Ontario Health Minister Won’t Rule Out Privatization as Option to Help ER Crisis (Global News, August 10, 2022) 

Would Changing How Doctors in Canada are Licensed Help Reduce the Physician Shortage? This MP Feels it Could (CBC News, August 9, 2022) 

Hospital in Southwestern Ontario to Temporarily Close ER Once Again Due to Ongoing Staff Shortages (The Globe and Mail, August 9, 2022) 

Helping Foreign-Trained Doctors, Nurses (Toronto Star, August 9, 2022) 

Hospitals are Under ‘Unprecedented’ Strain From Staff Shortages, Says Ontario Health VP (CBC Radio, August 8, 2022) 

Health Care Advocates Plead for Action as Ontario Legislature Summer Session Starts (The Globe and Mail, August 8, 2022) 

Ontario’s Health Care System in Need of Major Surgery (Toronto Star, August 8, 2022) 

‘Unprecedented’: Halton Hospital Emergency Departments Under Extreme Pressure Due to High Patient Volumes and Staff Shortage (Toronto Star, August 8, 2022) 

Montfort Hospital Latest to Temporarily Close Emergency Department Because of Staff Shortages (The Globe and Mail, August 7, 2022) 

Ontario Has a Doctor Shortage. So Why Isn’t the Ford Government Licensing More Internationally Trained Physicians Living Here? (Toronto Star, August 7, 2022) 

Ontario Health Care Unions Call on Province to Enact Measures to Fix Hospital Staffing Crisis (The Globe and Mail, August 5, 2022) 

Hospital Staffing Strain ‘Unprecedented,’ Could Peak Soon: Ontario Health Exec (Global News, August 5, 2022) 

Ontario’s Hospital Staffing Crunch is Short Term, the Real Problems in Health Care Run Deep (Toronto Sun, August 5, 2022) 

As Staffing Crunch Looms, Small Northern Hospitals Turning to Private Nurses (CBC News, August 5, 2022) 

Major Immigration Backlog in Canada Leaving Thousands of Trained Health-Care Professionals on the Sidelines (CTV News, August 5, 2022) 

Waterloo Region Hospitals Continue to Face Staffing Shortages and More Patients (CBC News, August 4, 2022) 

Jagmeet Singh Calls on Trudeau to Address Staffing Shortages, ER Closures (CTV News, August 4, 2022) 

Ontario Health Minister Urges Faster Approval of Foreign-Trained Nurses and Doctors (Toronto Star, August 4, 2022) 

‘We’ve Got to Find Ways to Keep Them’: CEO of Ontario Lab Workers Assoc. Says Members are Experiencing Burnout (CP24, August 4, 2022) 

Doug Ford says Ontario is Working to Fix the Health Crisis as Problems Grow in Key Toronto Hospitals (Toronto Star, August 3, 2022) 

Ontario’s Health Care System Faces a Knockout Punch Unless Immediate Action is Taken (Opinion) (Toronto Star, August 3, 2022) 

Despite Health-Care ‘Crisis,’ Internationally-Trained Doctors, Nurses Face Barriers to Work (Global News, July 13, 2022) 

Need for National Consensus on Professional Accreditation: CMA President (New Canadian Media, June 9, 2022) 

Helping Skilled Immigrants Get Jobs in Their Fields Must be Bigger Priority for Parties, Advocates Say (CBC, May 29, 2022) 

Expert Insight: How rural Canada can attract and retain international health-care providers (Western News, May 11, 2022) 

The Long History (and Scary Future) of Our Broken Health Care System (The Local, April 26, 2022) 

Ontario Investing $1 Billion More to Expand Home Care (Government of Ontario, April 25, 2022) 

British Columbia Plans to Tackle Nursing Shortage by Recruiting Overseas (The Globe and Mail, April 19, 2022) 

A Plan to Stay Open (Government of Ontario, April 14, 2022) 

Deputy Prime Minister Highlights Budget 2022 Investments in Health Care (Government of Canada, April 12, 2022) 

Health Care Leaders Gather to Discuss Strategy to Integrate Internationally Educated Health Professionals to Help Meet Ontario’s Health Care Needs (National Post, April 11, 2022) 

Health Care Leaders Gather to Discuss Strategy to Integrate Internationally Educated Health Professionals to Help Meet Ontario’s Health Care Needs (Yahoo, April 11, 2022) 

Quebec Investing $65M to Recruit Nurses From Francophone Countries (Immigration.Ca, February 28, 2022) 

$1.5 Million Funding Boost for University-Led Consortium to Address Ontario’s Ongoing Demand for Registered Nurses (PTBO Canada, February 25, 2022) 

This Initiative is Opening Doors for Hundreds of Ontario’s Internationally-Educated Nurses (Toronto Star, February 13, 2022) 

Ontario Launches Program to Increase Hands-On Training Opportunities for More PSWs and Nurses (Government Of Ontario News Release, February 10, 2022) 

Ontario’s Nursing Shortage Is Worse Than Ever. How Did We Get Here? (Toronto Star, February 3, 2022) 

(Video) How Can Nurses Trained Abroad Help? | The Agenda (The Agenda With Steve Paikin, February 2, 2022) 

Nursing Shortage? There’s a Solution Right in Front Of Us (Toronto Star, January 24, 2022) 

Daphne Bramham: Canada Needs a Better Plan to Solve Health-Care Shortages (Vancouver Sun, January 22, 2022) 

‘A Comedy Show’: RNAO Reacts to What it Says was Another News Conference With No News From Health Minister (City News Kitchener, January 19, 2022) 

New Toronto Program Helps Internationally Educated Nurses Get Ontario Licenses (CTV News Toronto, January 19, 2022) 

Daphne Bramham: Canada Risks Losing the Global Competition for Foreign Nurses (Vancouver Sun, January 16, 2022) 

Newcomer Doctor Duo on Deployment (Red Cross Talks, January 14, 2022) 

Foreign-Trained Doctors on the Sidelines as COVID Exhausts Alberta Hospitals (Calgary Herald, January 14, 2022) 

Daphne Bramham: Political Will Needed to Break Licensing Logjam so Qualified, Foreign Nurses Can Work  (Vancouver Sun, January 12, 2022) 

Ontario to Deploy Internationally Trained Nurses to Hospitals as COVID-19 ICU Admissions Hit 477 (CBC News, January 11, 2022) 

Today’s Coronavirus News: Ontario Preparing to Deploy More Internationally Trained Nurses to Deal With the Omicron Surge (Toronto Star, January 11, 2022) 

Ontario Will Deploy Internationally Educated Nurses to Hospitals Dealing With Staffing Shortages (CTV News, January 11, 2022) 

‘We Can Help’: Internationally Trained Nurses in Canada Eager to Work (CTV News, January 11, 2022) 

Daphne Bramham: B.C. Fights to Maintain the Barriers That Keep Foreign-Trained Doctors From Working (Vancouver Sun, January 7, 2022) 

Province Helping People Start Healthcare Careers in Northern Ontario (Government Of Ontario News Release, January 6, 2022) 

Daphne Bramham: In a Pandemic, Why are Foreign-Trained Doctors Still on the Sidelines? (Vancouver Sun, January 6, 2022) 

Sask. Turns to Philippines to Address Health-Care Labour Shortage (Saskatoon StarPhoenix, January 5, 2022) 

Opinion: If Immigrants are Fit, Willing and Able, Let’s Certify Them (Financial Post, January 5, 2022) 

Ending Ontario’s Nursing Crisis Begins With the Repeal of Bill 124 (Globe & Mail, December 31, 2021) 

Saskatchewan Launches New International Healthcare Worker EOI Pool (CIC News, December 20, 2021) 

Doctor Shortage in Lethbridge, Alta., Continues to Impact Residents as Province Looks for Answers (CBC, December 16, 2021) 

Why Canada Needs to Ease Up on Barriers for Nurses Trained Abroad (Omny.Fm, November 29, 2021) 

Canada Desperately Needs Nurses. So Why Does it Take so Long for Internationally Trained Nurses to Get Licensed? (Toronto Star, November 28, 2021) 

As COVID-19 Strains Nurses, Singh Says Feds Must Ease Barriers for Those Trained Abroad (Global News, November 28, 2021) 

‘Disconnect’: Sask. Eyes Getting More Foreign-Trained Docs in Practice (The Star Phoenix, November 22, 2021) 

Foreign Doctors Anxious to Help on Front Lines in Ontario (Global News, November 16, 2021) 

More Than 3,800 Dead, Nurses Quitting and Inhumane Conditions: Ontario’s Long-Term-Care System is Broken (The Star, November 9, 2021) 

Ontario Expands Career Growth Opportunities for Psws and Nurses in Long-Term Care (Government Of Ontario News Release, October 27, 2021) 

Ontario Aims to Add 2,000 More Nurses in Long-Term Care Sector (CBC, October 27, 2021) 

Canada Has a Big-Time Nursing Shortage. So Why Can’t These Two Fully Certified Nurses Get the OK to Practise? (Toronto Star, October 26, 2021) 

Systemic Barriers Keeping Foreign Nurses From Filling Shortages (New Canadian Media, October 25, 2021) 

Despite Nursing Shortage Crisis, Ford Leaves Out Healthcare Workers From Proposed Foreign Labour Legislation (Green Party Of Ontario, October 21, 2021) 

‘Immediate Action is Required’: Lethbridge-West MLA Shannon Philips Calls for Action Plan to Address Doctor Shortage (CTV Calgary, September 28, 2021) 

Immigrant Nurses in B.C. Say Language Proficiency Tests a Barrier to Practice (CBC, September 26, 2021) 

Forced to Sit Out During Pandemic, Nurse Calls for Changes to Ontario’s Registration Process (CBC, September 27, 2021) 

An Ontario Nursing Shortage Has Been Predicted for Years. Now, it’s Turned Into a ‘Mega Crisis (The Star, September 26, 2021) 

Internationally Educated Health Workers Must be a Post-Election Priority (First Policy Response, September 17, 2021) 

Open Letter Urges Federal Leaders to Improve Job Access for Internationally Trained Physicians (National Post, September 16, 2021) 

‘Getting Dangerous’: Calls Grow for Federal Action Amid Canada’s Nurse Shortage (Global News, September 15, 2021) 

A Tale of Two Internationally Trained Medical Doctors in Canada (Opinion) (IPS News Agency, September 9, 2021)  

Nursing Schools Can’t Accommodate Increase in Demand at Time When Profession Faces Shortage (Globe & Mail, September 6, 2021) 

Internationally Trained Medical Doctors are Part of the Solution in Post-Covid-19 Canadian Healthcare System (Opinion) (IPS News Agency, September 3, 2021) 

Doctor, Nurse Shortages Causing ER Closures, Impact on Services in Cape Breton (Saltwire, August 30, 2021) 

High Rates of COVID-19 Burnout Could Lead to Shortage of Health-Care Workers (The Conversation, August 29, 2021) 

Systemic Barriers Exist in Canadian Healthcare for Immigrant Health Professionals (Opinion) (IPS News Agency, August 27, 2021) 

Ontario Health-Care Workers Warn of ‘Brutal’ Nurse Shortage as Hospitals Brace for 4th Wave (CBC, August 24, 2021) 

Foreign Doctors Needed, but Quality is Key (The Star, August 20, 2021) 

Internationally Trained Medical Doctors Sidelined in Canada (Opinion) (IPS News Agency, August 20, 2021) 

Physician Mission: B.C. Pressed to Recognize Qualifications of Foreign-Trained Doctors (Vancouver Sun, August 20, 2021) 

Are Newfoundland and Labrador’s Licensing Standards Keeping Foreign Doctors Away? (Saltwire, August 19, 2021) 

Doctor Shortage: The International Factor (The Star, August 16, 2021)  

High Job Vacancies in Health Care and Food Services in Canada (CIC News, August 2, 2021) 

We Must Address the Human Resources Side of Health Care Before the Next Pandemic (IRPP Policy Options, July 30, 2021) 

Burned Out and Demoralized: Some Alberta Nurses Look to Leave Amid Province’s Bid to Cut Pay (CBC, July 26, 2021) 

‘An Alarming Exodus’: Ontario Nursing Sector Slammed With Staffing Shortage as Many Rethink Careers (CTV Toronto, July 25, 2021)  

Ontario Nursing Groups Fear Mass Exodus From Workforce Following Pandemic Burnout (CBC, July 24, 2021) 

The Tories Say They’ll Recruit Doctors Differently. How Different is Their Plan From the Status Quo? (CBC Nova Scotia, July 24, 2021) 

Internationally Educated Nurses Rush for Chance to be Licensed in Manitoba (Winnipeg Sun, July 19, 2021) 

Resolving Nova Scotia’s Doctor Shortage: More Recruitment and Changing Models of Delivery (Halifax Examiner, July 16, 2021)  

Nurse Shortage Forces Summertime Closures, Service Cuts at 8 Nunavut Health Centres (Nunatsiaq News, July 16, 2021) 

Canadian Nurses are Leaving in Droves, Worn Down by 16 Merciless Months on the Front Lines of COVID-19 (Globe & Mail, July 16, 2021) 

Another Greater Victoria Medical Clinic Set to Close Amid Doctor Shortage (Times Colonist, July 11, 2021) 

Doctors Manitoba Renews Call for Action as Surgery Backlog Grows in Province (CBC, July 8, 2021) 

Province Offers Funding to Help Internationally Trained Nurses Get Manitoba Certification (CBC, July 8, 2021)  

Manitoba to Increase Nursing Grads by 50 Per Cent, Offer Support to Internationally Trained Nurses (Global News, July 8, 2021) 

Need for Locum Doctors in Rural Alberta Hospitals Jumped in 2021 (Calgary Herald, July 7, 2021) 

First-Generation Immigrant Defies Odds to Fill Inclusive Dental Care Gap in Halifax (Saltwire, July 3, 2021) 

Give An #Equalchance to Internationally Trained Doctors (Canadian Immigrant, June 30, 2021) 

New Report Gives Immigrant Health-Care Aides Platform to Speak Out on COVID Working Conditions (CBC, June 29, 2021) 

Developing Country Health Professionals Sidelined in Canadian Healthcare (Opinion) (IPS News Agency, June 15, 2021) 

Even During a Pandemic, Immigrant Doctors Struggle to Find Work (The Walrus, June 8, 2021) 

Job VaCancies in Canadian Health Care Reach All-Time High Amid Pandemic (CIC News, June 7, 2021) 

Internationally Trained Health-Care Professionals Unable to Help in COVID-19 Fight. Here’s Why (Global News, May 20, 2021) 

New Campaign Aims to Break Down Barriers for Internationally Trained Medical Doctors (Itmds) in Canada (Newswire, May 19, 2021) 

Don’t Leave Foreign-Trained Doctors on the Sidelines in COVID Battle (Toronto Star, May 17, 2021) 

‘People are Dying’: Internationally Trained Doctors Forced to Sit on the Sidelines as Ontario Battles Pandemic’s Third Wave (Toronto Star, May 11, 2021) 

Foreign-Trained Doctors Face Barriers To Work On The Frontlines Of The Pandemic In Canada (Global News, May 7, 2021) 

‘They’re Good Doctors’: International Medical Graduates Unable to Help on Canada’s Front Lines Due to Licensing Setbacks (CTV News, April 28, 2021) 

National Medical Licences Could Help Speed Redeployment of Doctors, Nurses to Where They’re Needed Most(CBC, April 26, 2021) 

As Med Students, we’ve Seen How Ontario’s Lack of Paid Sick Days Has Hurt Low-Income, Racialized Workers. More Than 600 of us Demand Change (Toronto Star, April 15, 2021) 

More International Doctors Moving to Nova Scotia (Government Of Nova Scotia Press Release, April 13, 2021) 

Record Number of Ontario Nurses May Leave the Profession After COVID-19: Survey (Toronto Star, March 31, 2021) 

Will COVID-19 Finally Force us to Address the Devaluation of Long-Term Care Workers? (IRPP Policy Options, March 18, 2021) 

Quebec Turns to Nurses Abroad to Fill Shortages (CIC News, March 6, 2021) 

Canada’s Prime Minister Makes Bringing in Healthcare Workers a Top Priority (Mondaq, January 20, 2021) 

Calgary Researcher Shines Light on Immigrant Long-Term Care Workers (CBC, January 19, 2021) 

Quebec to Fast-Track Permits for Some Foreign-Trained Nurses to Give Vaccines and COVID-19 Tests (CTV News, January 18, 2021) 

‘It is Frustrating’: U.S-Educated Nurse From Ottawa Hits Barriers to Getting Licensed in Ontario (Ottawa Citizen, January 16, 2021) 

UM to Help Foreign-Trained Health Professionals Qualify for Manitoba Practice (University Of Manitoba News, December 21, 2020) 

‘So Stressful’: Internationally Educated Nurses Say They’re Frustrated, Discouraged by Licensing Process  (CBC, December 2, 2020) 

Special Designation to be Granted for International Nurses Waiting on English Tests: Friesen (CBC, November 19, 2020) 

NDP MLA Asks Province to Remove ‘Red Tape’ tor International Nurses to Work During Pandemic (CBC, November 19, 2020) 

Manitoba Improving Credential Recognition for Internationally Trained AppliCants (CIC News, November 10, 2020) 

How Immigrant Nurses Answered the Call to Respond to Canada’s COVID-19 Pandemic (The Strand, October 13, 2020) 

Foreign-Trained Nurses Could Join Fight Against COVID, if Ontario Helped Certify Them (Ipolitics, September 30, 2020) 

COVID-19 Has Taken ‘Heavy Toll’ on Female Immigrants Working in Health Care, Report Says (CBC, September 10, 2020) 

Foreign Doctors’ Hopes for Fast-Track Pandemic Licenses in Canada Fading (Reuters, July 12, 2020) 

My Cabbie is a Doctor: The Problem of Skill-Waste in Canada  (Sprawl Alberta, July 2, 2020) 

Daphne Bramham: Rights Tribunal Asked to Finally End Discrimination Against Foreign-Trained Doctors (Vancouver Sun, June 25, 2020) 

Calgary Program Expands to Train More Foreign Nurses as COVID-19 Pandemic Continues (Global News Calgary, June 18, 2020) 

Foreign-Trained Doctors are Untapped Resource in Pandemic Fight (Open Democracy, June 10, 2020) 

Research Shows Canada Has Overlooked Immigrant Doctors (New Canadian Media, May 11, 2020) 

Internationally Trained Doctors in Quebec Want to Help in Coronavirus Crisis (Global News, May 3, 2020) 

Internationally Trained Doctors Sidelined as Pandemic Strikes (The Tyee, April 20, 2020) 

Red Tape Pushes Hamilton’s Foreign-Trained Doctors to the Sidelines Amid COVID-19 (CBC, April 16, 2020) 

Thousands of Immigrant Doctors Can’t Fight Coronavirus in Canada (VICE News, April 15, 2020) 

Foreign-Trained Medics Just Want to ‘Serve the Community During Crisis, Says Doctor (CBC, April 9, 2020) 

Brampton Mayor ‘Cautiously Optimistic’ After Province Calls on Foreign-Trained Health-Care Workers for COVID-19 Help (Brampton Guardian, April 8, 2020) 

Internationally Trained Doctors Have Role to Play in the Health Care System During Pandemic: Elliott (CP24, April 7, 2020) 

Daphne Bramham: Even in a Pandemic, Foreign Doctors Face a System Rigged Against Them (Vancouver Sun, April 5, 2020) 

Some Internationally Trained Doctors Can Apply for 30-Day Ontario Licence to Fight COVID-19 (CBC, April 3, 2020) 

‘We Want to Join This Fight’: Immigrant Physicians Make Plea to Serve on Front Lines of COVID-19 (CTV Calgary, April 3, 2020) 

Foreign-Trained Doctors Plead to Join Canada’s COVID-19 Fight(CP24, April 2, 2020) 

Daphne Bramham: It’s Absurd to Ignore Foreign-Trained Doctors’ Offers to Help With the COVID Crisis (Vancouver Sun, April 2, 2020) 

Doctors Trained Abroad Want to Join Front Lines of COVID-19 Fight in Canada (National Post, April 2, 2020) 

Lift Barriers to Accredit Foreign-Educated Doctors Quickly, Report’s Author Urges (CBC Calgary, March 30, 2020) 

Four Internationally Trained Doctors Cleared to Work in Nova Scotia (Saltwire, February 18, 2020) 

How to Get Foreign Doctors to Come to P.E.I. (And Stay) (CBC, January 30, 2020)