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Work in Ontario: Connecting Immigrants to Employment Opportunities

Friday | September 30, 2016 | by WES Global Talent Bridge

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Magnet, launched in November 2014, is a not-for-profit initiative founded by Ryerson University and the Ontario Chamber of Commerce and has funding from the Province of Ontario. The aim is to empower communities, organizations, and individuals to search, find, and share jobs and opportunities.

In this interview, Mark Patterson, Executive Director of Magnet, talks about the new online tool that helps bring down barriers to employment for new immigrants to Canada.

One feature that the Magnet platform offers that can be beneficial to newcomers is profile anonymity until the point an employer wants to connect with an individual based on a redacted resume. The impact of name bias on the hiring of individuals with non-Canadian sounding names has been documented by researchers from the University of Toronto.

The structure of the job seeker profiles mirrors the format used by employers to post their job openings, with greater detail than other job search sites. That additional information is used to better align matches for both job seeker and employer. To-date there are over 75,000 job seekers and more than 6,000 employers utilizing the platform.

The Ontario Chamber of Commerce has been promoting the Magnet system to their 60,000 business membership as a place to post jobs and find talent. Magnet has been reaching out to educational institutions, community organizations, economic and workforce development, education and training associations, and professional associations to promote Magnet as an effective job search tool for the members of their communities.

Create your profile on Magnet to get started.

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