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Webinar Recap: Provincial Nominee Programs in Canada

Monday | July 16, 2018 | by WES Advisor

provincial nominee programs in Canada

WES Advisor recently released an on-demand webinar on Express Entry-linked Provincial Nominee Programs (PNPs) in Canada. Sign up here to watch the full PNP webinar, which features immigration attorney David Cohen. For a refresher on the Express Entry immigration system, check out this webinar on improving your ranking.

How the PNP System Works

Canada’s provincial and territorial governments select qualified immigrants to apply for Canadian permanent residence through PNPs. Nearly every Canadian province and territory has a PNP stream linked to the Express Entry system.

Each province or territory has different PNP standards, which are used to select or nominate candidates for permanent residence. The standards are determined by local labor market needs, so the eligibility requirements vary by the particular province, territory, or stream. For example, some require the applicant to have a job offer while others do not. In fact, many PNP streams do not mandate that applicants have a job offer, but instead consider an applicant’s work experience, education, language proficiency, and other personal competencies. These other factors are known as human capital.

The following PNP streams do not require a job offer, but rather base eligibility on human capital, interest, connections to the province or territory, and other considerations:

Check each PNP stream’s website for the exact requirements. Note that while a job offer is not required to enter these Express Entry pools, having one in hand can improve your ranking within the stream.

PNP Stream Openings

Just as the eligibility requirements vary by stream, the dates on which each opens to receive applications also vary. Some provinces, like Nova Scotia, announce in advance when their Express Entry stream will open, but others, like Saskatchewan, generally do not give advance notice. Once opened, many PNP streams fill their applicant quotas quickly, so you should check each PNP stream’s website regularly for updates and announcements regarding openings.

Tips for Applying to a PNP Stream

Webinar panelist David Cohen stressed the importance of staying proactive and preparing your supporting documents well in advance, so that you will be ready to apply when the application window opens for your desired Express Entry-linked PNP. Being prepared is especially advised if you are applying to the more popular and competitive PNPs, like Nova Scotia Demand or Saskatchewan Express Entry. Best of luck in obtaining a provincial nomination!

For additional tips on how to immigrate to Canada through provincial nomination, view the on-demand webinar.

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