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4 Time-Management Tips for College Students

Thursday | October 18, 2018 | by Maddy Lavoie

time management tips for students

Time management is an important skill for college students to master. You are most likely navigating a full class schedule—along with your other responsibilities. So how can you better manage your time?

Here are four great tips:

1. Hang Up Your Cell Phone

Cell phones are a great convenience—but also a significant distraction. Studies show that even when you are not using it—even if it is turned off—a cell phone in the room can diminish a person’s ability to learn, concentrate, or even hold a conversation!

The best advice? Put your cell phone in another room when you are studying—or leave it home and head out to the library. Think you can use your phone to schedule classes or to set reminders to do schoolwork? Maybe. But your best bet is putting distance between you and your phone if you want to ace your classes.

2. Establish a Routine—and Stick to It

Getting into a routine is one way to support your study schedule. A routine can reduce uncertainty about when you are going to study or work on assignments. Establish a routine at the beginning of the semester. Be sure to plan your day around school and schoolwork—remember, that is why you are in college in the first place.

3. Make Healthy Choices

This may seem like advice that would not help with time management, but making healthy choices is important. Regular exercise can keep your energy level high and your mind clear and more engaged—which will improve your performance in school and consequently your grades. Another healthy choice is getting enough sleep every night. Everyone performs at their best when they are well-rested.

4. Use Checklists

Develop a checklist for each of your classes to ensure that nothing gets overlooked. Of course, complete your assignments according to their deadlines. Color coding assignments may also help you better visualize what needs to be done and when.

One of the most important skills a student can develop in college is time management. This skill helps students to succeed in class by ensuring that each assignment gets the time and attention it needs and is completed on time. To succeed in college—and in life—master the skill of time management.

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Maddy Lavoie is an international student-athlete at Delta State University in Mississippi. She is also a WES Ambassador.

The views and opinions expressed in this article are those of the author(s) and do not necessarily reflect the official policy or position of World Education Services (WES).