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6 Things to Do During Your Winter Break

Tuesday | December 20, 2016 | by Kaitlin Ramby

Students having a snowball fight over winter break

Your final exams and projects are finally over, the fall semester has come to an end, and a new semester awaits. Congratulations, you, an international student, made it to winter break! These few weeks are an opportune time for you to take some time off, cozy up indoors from the cold weather, and relax before school starts up again. Winter break can also be a chance for you to be productive with your time on a personal and academic level.

Here are six ways you can have a relaxing and fruitful winter break:

  • Reflect on the semester: Now is a great time to look back on your fall semester. Consider what went well and what didn’t go well to prepare for the next semester. Try making a list of your recent achievements and set some academic goals based on your accomplishments in the fall semester; it can help you reach even greater success in the future.
  • Enjoy your free time: You worked hard all semester and you earned this break! Don’t feel as if you have to be stressed or fill up your schedule with a to-do list. Take advantage of your time off to read a book, binge-watch that TV show you’ve wanted to see, catch up on sleep, or do whatever activity that makes you feel the most relaxed and happy.
  • Visit friends and family: As an international student, it’s easy to become overwhelmed by homesickness. Whether you’re remaining at the university or returning home for winter break, try spending quality time with close friends and family. A Skype call or in-person conversation could help alleviate feelings of homesickness, and as a result, make you happier.
  • Research financial aid options: Now that the semester is over, it’s the perfect time to research any potential scholarships, grants, or other forms of financial aid that you qualify for and apply for them. Try online resources such as:
  • Search for work opportunities: If you’re hoping to gain work experience while studying in the U.S. or if you want to make extra income on the side, winter break is an ideal time to look at potential internship and job opportunities for yourself. Apply, send emails, and make a list of everything you applied for so you can follow up once the new semester begins.
  • Review each course’s syllabi: After a peaceful break, the last thing you want is to be overwhelmed with a sudden schedule change once the spring semester begins. Look up available information on your courses and schedule for the next semester, and carefully read through any syllabi given out by the professor. You want to make sure you’re well-prepared to avoid being caught off guard by any assignments.

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Kaitlin Ramby

Kaitlin Ramby is the former Digital Content Producer and a Contributing Writer for World Education Services.