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Five Tips for Planning Study Abroad

Wednesday | March 7, 2018 | by Raif Howley

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So you have decided you want to study abroad, great! But what now? How exactly do you go about the process? Study abroad website Hotcourses Abroad (HCA) provides tons of advice on choosing where to study, how to apply, what to do while you are there, and everything in between. HCA looks to inspire and guide international students through every step of their study abroad journey.

Here we explain exactly how you can utilize everything HCA has to offer, so you can be sure that you make all the right decisions regarding your study abroad adventure.

Choose the Right Place for You

With hundreds of articles about a variety of top worldwide study destinations, HCA gives you all the information you need via a unique timeline layout. From choosing where to study, all the way through to post-study life, there is guidance on everything an international student will need to know regarding their study abroad destination. You can find this information via the articles tab in the top right corner of the homepage.

The website has interviews with international students and staff from all around the world, step-by-step guides to visa and university applications, accommodation advice, and summaries of various study abroad courses and destinations to help you make your decision.

And the best thing is that HCA has similar information available on 11 different local language sites. From Hotcourses Vietnam to Hotcourses Brazil, there is unique information available for each country, written by native speakers—meaning that HCA is a trusted site for international students worldwide.

Pick the Right Courses

Once you have used the articles on the site to help you decide which country you want to study in, how do you choose your coursework? With one of the biggest course searches for international students in the whole world, HCA can help you choose. If you are not sure which subject to choose, have a look at this guide on how to choose what subject you should study abroad.

Once you have decided which subject you want to study, head over to the homepage and input the subject area, destination, and qualification you are looking for. From there, you should get lots of options of where you can study that course all around the globe. Use the filters to narrow down your options depending on cost, student ratings, rankings, and even scholarships. You could also get help from Couru, the course search assistant! Couru is a virtual chatbot that asks all the key questions to make sure that your search brings up the most relevant courses for you.

Do the Final Checks

If you have found a course that you like, click on the blue and orange buttons below it to download a prospectus or visit their website to find out more. You can also have a look at what other students think of the university. Whether you are looking for student videos to take you on a tour of the institution, student reviews, or even university rankings, it is all available so that you can make the best decision possible about your study abroad destination.

With a new website layout being rolled out in early 2018, you will be able to access an experienced counselor from IDP Education, a world leader in international student placement services with a global network of 90+ offices that has placed more than 400,000 international students at universities all over the globe. If you live in one of the 30+ countries where they have an office, you can speak face-to-face with a trained, experienced counselor about the application process or anything else you may need guidance with.

IDP is also a proud co-owner of the IELTS, the world’s most popular high-stakes English language proficiency test. IELTS is the world’s most popular English language proficiency test for higher education and global migration, accepted by 10,000 organizations worldwide.

Contact Your University

Once you know which courses you want to study and the university where you want to study them, you can contact the university through the Contact Institution button. After reading the advice on the HCA site, or speaking to an IDP counselor, you know the right things to say to universities and when to say it to them.

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Raif Howley

Raif Howley is a contributing writer from Hotcourses Abroad.