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RNIP Canada: About Thunder Bay’s New Immigration Pilot

Wednesday | January 8, 2020 | by Zara Khan


People from all over the world move to Canada to fulfill their dreams. From 2018 to 2019, the country welcomed more than 300,000 immigrants. In 2020, there might be even more opportunities available, thanks to the Rural and Northern Immigration Pilot (RNIP).

One popular location for newcomers to settle in is the province of Ontario. Many people are familiar with the Greater Toronto Area, especially the city of Toronto. This urban, densely populated region offers ample career and social opportunities.

However, Canada’s more rural areas also have a lot to offer. In addition to its bustling metropolises, the country has many small cities that would be just as advantageous for newcomers. They are simply less well known.

But there is a good reason to learn more about them if you are interested in relocating to Canada. Skilled immigrants might be able to secure pathways to permanent residency in these smaller cities. You might also find more professional opportunities in a rural area, depending on your area of expertise.

Hoping to attract more skilled immigrants to these areas, Canada recently launched the Rural and Northern Immigration Pilot (RNIP).

What Is the RNIP?

The Rural and Northern Immigration Pilot provides pathways to permanent residency for skilled immigrants who want to live and work in smaller communities in Canada.

This is not only an opportunity for immigrants, it is also beneficial the participating regions, their provinces, and the country as a whole. To prosper, smaller cities rely on newcomers bringing their education and skills to boost local industries. For example, when rural areas gain new talent, it benefits their infrastructure, transportation, housing, and cultural diversity. The local economy then relies on retaining its local talent. This helps a region make the most of its resources.

There are 11 rural areas participating in the RNIP as of 2019. Five have begun accepting applications from aspiring immigrants (updated February 13, 2020).

Thunder Bay will begin accepting applications from newcomers soon.

About Thunder Bay

Thunder Bay is one of the most populated cities in Northwestern Ontario. It is one of five areas in the province participating in the RNIP.

The city is home to many thriving industries, including forestry, transportation, manufacturing, mining, health care, and agriculture.

Here is more information about Thunder Bay:

  • Education: As of 2020, Thunder Bay is home to over 60 elementary and high schools, many of which offer academic tracks in both English and French. Extracurricular activities often take place at the city’s sports, arts, and recreational facilities. Lakehead University, Confederation College, and Northern Ontario School of Medicine are popular options for postsecondary education.
  • Health Care: Thunder Bay has a reputation as a medical services hub. You can choose from one of several health care centers that provide services covered by Ontario Health Insurance (OHIP). You can also make use of walk-in clinics in between scheduled doctor’s visits.
  • Affordability: According to recent real estate reports, property in Thunder Bay is more affordable than that of other cities in Ontario. Additionally, the cost of groceries, shopping, and dining out are also more reasonable.
  • Services: There are several settlement agencies in Thunder Bay. These government-funded agencies offer essential services to newcomers. You might use them for professional development, to learn more about the local area, or to work on your language skills.
  • Lifestyle: Canada is renowned for its hospitality to immigrants. In particular, Thunder Bay’s diverse population might be appealing to newcomers from around the world. The city has a modern and cosmopolitan feel. It offers plenty of shopping and creative arts events. If Canada’s great outdoors appeal to you, you might be drawn to the sailing, fishing, hiking, and snowmobiling available in Thunder Bay.

How to Apply for the RNIP

Thunder Bay will begin accepting RNIP applications in January 2020.

To apply, you must already have a full-time job offer from an approved employer in Thunder Bay.

Here are the steps you must follow:

  1. Browse the list of approved job openings here. (Jobs will be added as they become available.)
  2. Apply for jobs from this list, until you receive a job offer.
  3. With your job offer, you can apply for the Rural and Northern Immigration Pilot in Thunder Bay.
  4. Once you have applied, you will also need to meet community and federal requirements in order to secure acceptance to the RNIP.

Please visit this page for updates about the application process.

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Zara Khan is the Marketing and Communications Associate at World Education Services.