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Modify Your Order: Add or Remove a Credential

Monday | February 11, 2019 | by Justine D’Souza

how to modify WES order

For any variety of reasons, sometimes the person requesting a credential evaluation will need to modify the order after the process has already started. Should you find yourself in that situation, here are the steps to follow if you need to add or remove a credential from your order. The final decision, however, lies with WES.

After you submit your WES application, you have limited opportunity to modify your order. To add or remove a credential, you will need to send a request to our Customer Service team. You will not be able to make the changes yourself.

How to Add or Remove a Credential

To modify your order, follow these steps:

  1. Send your request in writing to our Customer Service team. You can do this by filling out this form. (Please note that the form is available only from Monday morning through Friday evening. It is not available on the weekends when our customer service center is closed.) Be sure to include:
    • Your country or territory of education
    • The name of the credential you would like to add or remove
    • The name of the institution or authority that awarded the credential
    • Years of attendance (years that you participated in the program)
    • Year the credential was awarded
  2. Our Customer Service team will reply to you with an email that says, “Your message has been forwarded to the appropriate department for review.” This means that our Customer Service team has redirected your query to the department that can assist you. Because a specialist must review the query, you may have to wait longer than 48 business hours for our staff to fulfill your request.
  3. Our evaluators will review your request and determine whether we can add or remove the credential from your order. For more information about how WES determines which credentials it evaluates, read this blog post. Sometimes WES requires a given credential to produce a more accurate and high-quality evaluation report, and will not remove it from an order.
  4. One of our staff members will respond to your message via email to inform you of their decision.

Is There a Deadline to Modify Your Order?

You can add a credential at no additional cost until our evaluators have accepted all your documents. When they have received and accepted all of your documents, they will estimate a date of completion for your report. If you would like to add a credential after this point, you will need to order an upgrade. Updates to your order will become visible in your profile the next time your status changes.

You can check your status at any time by logging into My Account. All updates to your credential evaluation’s status will appear in My Account.

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Justine D'Souza

Justine D’Souza is the Social Media and Community Management Associate at World Education Services.