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Internship Opportunities for Gaining Canadian Work Experience

Friday September 16, 2016 | by WES Global Talent Bridge

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One avenue to gaining Canadian work experience is through internships. An internship can be a paid opportunity to work for an employer for a period of time, usually anywhere from three months  to two years, which provides many benefits including:

  • Developing your skills and experience in the Canadian context for your field
  • Building and expanding your professional network
  • Learning the cultural norms of Canadian work environments
  • Potential to lead to a full-time opportunity

There are many places to look for internship opportunities; here are a few places to start:

In Ontario:

Across Canada:

Job boards with internships:

Tip: If you have a particular company that you are interested in working for, connect with the company directly to ask if there are any internship opportunities available.

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