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3 Steps for Quebec Residency in Canada

Tuesday | July 16, 2019 | by WES Advisor

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Quebec has just announced a new process to help immigrants achieve permanent residency. It’s free to start your application, and you can complete the process in three steps.

When the government adopted the new system (by passing a proposal known as “Bill 9”), it voided 16,000 existing residency applications. Therefore, applicants who may have already waited years for a response had to reapply—effectively starting the process all over again. The new process coincided with an overhaul of immigration policies in Quebec.

3 Steps to Apply for Permanent Residency in Quebec

The new three-step process is meant to streamline permanent residency for skilled immigrants.

Here’s how to apply for residency in Quebec, as of June 2019:

  1. Application: Submit an “expression of interest” online (free).
  2. Invitation: If your application qualifies, you may receive an invitation to formally apply for residency ($60 CAD processing fee).
  3. Selection: A points-based “selection grid” evaluates application criteria, such as whether you have a job offer, your proficiency in English and French, and if you already live or work in Quebec (six-month processing time).

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How Do You Qualify for Residency in Quebec?

The province’s new plan prioritizes residency for:

  • Individuals already living in Quebec
  • Skilled immigrants who are willing to live and work outside of major metropolitan areas (such as Montreal and Quebec City)
  • Applicants who arrive with an existing job offer
  • Those who have already completed work in the province

Read more about the screening criteria here.

How to Apply for Permanent Resident Status

Quebec is now accepting applications through an online portal named Arrima. The digitized system should also help expedite the process. As a result, applicants would be able to receive a response within six months, rather than the current 36.

You might be a strong candidate for this new residency program if you have a local job offer, are seeking employment in a rural region, or already live in Quebec.

To begin the online application process, apply through Arrima.

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