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Work in Canada: The Active Career Advancement Project

Wednesday September 21, 2016 | by WES Global Talent Bridge

The Active Career Advancement Project (ACAP) works with immigrants who are permanent residents or citizens and having been in Canada for a minimum of 3 years who are currently employed for at least 20 hours per week in a job that underutilizes their education and expertise. The program provides help to internationally trained professionals in three stages:

Stage 1: Involves group training on self-reflection and clarity and visioning by engaging in activities that provide the foundation for envisioning alternative careers through awareness of hope, interests, values and skills.

Stage 2: Includes action planning to help define goals and clarify steps. Provides relevant resources needed to make an informed decision on career choices and to implement the action plan.

Stage 3: Contains follow-up to sustain efforts to achieve goals and to provide additional help with implementing the action plan.

A walk through of The Active Career Advancement Project:

Scenario: The client was a Physician in their country of origin but is unable to obtain their license in Canada because it is too expensive. Currently, the person is working at the mall as a Sales Associate at a clothing store. The person is determined to be eligible for ACAP and they decide to enroll.

During intake, the client had revealed that they want to utilize their knowledge in health but not as a Physician. This client is looking at 2 options: Ultrasound Technician or Medical Underwriter but is still open to other opportunities.

  1. In group sessions, the client will engage in activities that will help clarify their skills and values as well as the type of workplace they will want to work in. ACAP will provide resources and tools to be able to research more about the specific occupations of interest; how to navigate the Job Bank website or where to look for requirements of a job.
  2. During stage 2, the consultant will work with this client to conduct specific research about the labour market and education for these two alternative careers to see which one fits the client.
  3. Ideally, the client should have marked off a few action items during stage 2 but stage 3 is when ACAP aims to have actively engaged in the client’s action plan: attending an appointment with the advisor; getting credentials evaluated (if necessary); and engaging in volunteer work. ACAP will follow up with the client and provide them with additional support and celebrate their achievements.

Below is a video of Vanessa Shiu speaking more about the program:

 Vanessa Shiu speaking about ACAP

Click here for more information on The Active Career Advancement Project.


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