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Our 10 Best Immigration Resources of 2019

Wednesday | January 15, 2020 | by WES Advisor

immigration resources

Last year, readers and viewers from around the world discovered helpful content on WES.org. From blog posts and e-guides to webinars and FAQs, we published more content than ever before—and you couldn’t get enough!

That was especially true when it came to content covering topics like:

  • WES credential evaluations
  • Finding a job in the United States
  • Moving to Canada

This month, we rounded up some of your most-clicked links of 2019. Now, others can find your favorite pieces all in one place!

Below is a go-to list of links that can help others start on their journeys or take their next steps to success as newcomers to North America:

  1. 100 Tips for Immigrants
    Learn everything you need to know for a successful journey to the U.S. or Canada!
  2. Webinar: The Lifetime Value of a WES Credential Evaluation
    This on-demand webinar explains the lifetime benefits of a credential evaluation.
  3. WES Help: How to Send Your Documents to WES in a Sealed Envelope
    This is one of our most popular articles for individuals who are just starting their credential evaluation applications.
  4. Living the Mission: The Stories of Immigrants Project
    Enjoy a collection of videos where immigrants and refugees openly share their stories about journeying to North America.
  5. 50 Tips for International Students
    Discover 50 expert tips for international students, in one list, just one click away!
  6. WENR: Student Views on Gun Violence and Safety in the U.S.
    Our original research reports on how safe international students from around the world felt while studying abroad in the U.S.
  7. 10 Tips to Avoid Visa Scams in the U.S.
    Learn 10 common visa scams, and then find out how to avoid them.
  8. Your Guide to Banking and Building Credit in Canada
    Explore banking options and find out how to build credit in Canada.
  9. Global Talent Bridge E-Guide: Career Pathways in Accounting
    This free e-guide explains how to pursue licensing to become an accountant in the U.S.
  10. 25 Job Search Tips for Immigrants
    This comprehensive list of job search tips will help you achieve your professional goals in the U.S. or Canada.

Thank you for helping us share our best immigration resources and advice. They are sure to make a difference to everyone who is currently planning their future in the United States or Canada!

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