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About WES Reports

A credential evaluation report is provided through the WES Gateway Program to support the recognition of an applicant’s academic qualifications.
Based on the documents presented to us, this credential evaluation assesses how an applicant’s international education compares to a similar diploma or degree in the United States or Canada.

Below you will find links to information that the applicant has received with their report. This information has been provided to them so that they better understand how to advocate for themselves, which is especially important as the evaluation report is not based on verifiable documents.
We encourage you to go through the report and attachments with the applicant to ensure that they have understood how to use the report to achieve their goals. For example, we recommend they include the WES Equivalency on their resumé with their major field of study.

Should the applicant be interested in applying for licensing or certification in their professional field, or in pursuing higher education, they may need to upgrade their WES evaluation report to include a course and grade analysis where possible. They can order this upgrade by contacting WES:

Canada: https://www.wes.org/ca/contact-us/
U.S.: https://www.wes.org/contact-us/

Copies of the report can be sent to additional recipients by ordering through ‘My Account.’

Thank you for your ongoing partnership with WES and your commitment to supporting internationally educated professionals.