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Education System Information
ENIC-NARIC (European National Information Centers - National Academic Recognition Information Centers):
Directory of ENIC and NARIC Networks providing information on recognition of diplomas and recognized higher education institutions in member countries
International Association of Universities Online Databases:
Searchable by country, this database includes information on the higher education systems of 180 countries and territories worldwide
UNESCO Central Asia, National Education Reports:
Reports from Central Asian ministries of education on past and future reforms in higher education since independence in 1991
Government Links
CIS Executive Committee:
Educational Institutions
Alliance of Universities for Democracy:
Consortium of higher education institutions formed to enhance the role of education in promoting democratic institutions and values
Central and Eastern European Education Directory:
Lots of information on education systems and undergraduate and post-graduate programs in Central and Eastern Europe, Russia and the CIS by country. In association with Oxford Brookes University, UK
International Association of Universities Online Database:
Database of the names (only) of universities and higher education institutions in over 180 countries worldwide (searchable by country name)
Professional Bodies
American Councils:
Facilitates educational exchanges between the US and former Soviet Bloc countries
Civic Education Project:
Not-for-profit international education organization dedicated to assisting universities in Central and Eastern Europe and the former Soviet Union. It cooperates with social science, law and humanities faculties through its Visiting Lecturer and Eastern Scholar Programs. The CEP runs several discussion lists related to REES topics
International Research and Exchanges Board (IREX) - Eurasia:
International non-profit organization that implements programs to improve the quality of education, independent media, and civil society development
Open Society Institute - Central Eurasia:
Private grant-making organization promoting various initiatives supporting education, health, law/government and independent media in Eurasian countries
UNDP Education Programs in the CIS:
Provides information on the projects and activities the UNDP is undertaking in the education sector of the CIS
Additional Links
UNESCO International Bureau of Education Resources:
Country dossiers by region, including education profiles, reports, curricular resources, bibliographies and links
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