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Education System Information
Academic Cooperation Association (ACA):
Independent organization improving higher education in Europe
ENIC-NARIC (European National Information Centers - National Academic Recognition Information Centers):
Directory of ENIC and NARIC Networks providing information on recognition of diplomas and recognized higher education institutions in member countries
EURYDICE, the educational information network in Europe, produces reliable, readily comparable information on national education systems. EURYDICE also acts as an observatory, highlighting both the diversity of systems and their common feature.
International Association of Universities Online Databases:
Searchable by country, this database includes information on the higher education systems of 180 countries and territories worldwide
World Data on Education (UNESCO):

Searchable database of profiles of country education systems
Government Links
Council of Europe:
European Commission - Education & Training:
This site provides all of the programs, strategic initiatives, policies and reports in the field of education managed by DG Education and Culture.
European Training Foundation (ETF):
The EU agency which supports education and training in countries surrounding the EU
Nordic Council of Ministers:
Forum for inter-governmental co-operation; work is co-coordinated via the Nordic ministers for co-operation; the composition of the Council of Ministers varies, depending on the nature of the issues to be treated, e.g. culture, education, environment, etc.
Nordic Countries Program for Mobility of University Students and Teachers (Norwegian):
The Norwegian Centre for International Cooperation in Higher Education (SIU):
Educational Institutions
EuroEducation - the database:
Provides information and assists students in choosing undergraduate, postgraduate and a variety of other academic courses offered by over 900 universities, academies, schools and colleges in Europe
International Association of Universities Online Database:
Database of the names (only) of universities and higher education institutions in over 180 countries worldwide (searchable by country name)
Vocational & Continuing Education
European Centre for the Development of Vocational Training CEDEFOP:
The European agency that helps policy-makers and practitioners of the European Commission, the Member States and social partner organizations across Europe make informed choices about vocational training policy
European Forum of Technical and Vocational Education and Training:
Professional association designed to promote collaboration, innovation and to increase policy influence
European Universities Continuing Education Network:
Promotes life-long learning in Europe and elsewhere
Accreditation Bodies
European Commission: SOCRATES NARIC:
This network aims at improving academic recognition of diplomas and periods of study in the Member States of the EU, the EEA countries and the associated countries in Central and Eastern Europe
European Network for Quality Assurance in Higher Education:
Network of Central and Eastern European Quality Assurance Agencies in Higher Education:
Network of agencies recognized as national or regional higher education quality assurance agencies by the lawful authority/ies in their respective CEE country
Professional Bodies
Association for Teacher Education in Europe:
Hosts conferences, publishes journals and provides research centers regarding teacher education for members - both institutional and individual
Civic Education Project:
International non-profit organization that uses grassroots efforts to reform higher education in Central and Eastern Europe and Eurasia
Confederation of European Union Rectors' Conferences::
Aims to formulate and represent the common views of its members in order to influence the policies of the European Union on higher education and research; to provide information for its members on key issues and developments in higher education.
European Association for International Education:
EAIE is a non-profit organization whose main aim is the stimulation and facilitation of the internationalization of higher education in Europe and around the world; offers conferences, trainings, seminars and publications for professionals in the field
European Distance Education Network:
European Higher Education Society (EAIR):
Association for professionals in the area of higher education management, and for academics researching that area
European Institute of Education and Social Policy:
European Science Foundation:
International Association for the Evaluation of Educational Achievement:
National Unions of Students in Europe :
PHARE Multi-Country Program in Higher Education :
Has links to member countries ENIC resources
South East Europe Educational Cooperation Network:
Supports the exchange of information, ideas, and know-how for the reform and quality improvement of education in 11 countries in South East Europe
The European Experts' Network for Educational Technology(EENet):
Research Institutions
European Center for Higher Education (CEPES):
Promotes education among European area countries, undertaking educational development and reform projects, policy development and research, and gathers and disseminates information on higher education.
European Educational Research Association:
Trans-European Research and Education Networking Association:
Coordinates and carries out technical activities and provides a platform for discussion to encourage the development of a high-quality computer networking infrastructure for the European research community
University Associations
Association of Community Universities [Santander Group]:
A European Universities' Network with aims of establishing special academic, cultural and socio-economic ties and of setting up specific and advanced facilities as well as privileged channels of information and exchange
The Coimbra Group is an integrated network of European universities which promotes special academic and cultural ties through the improvement of facilities and the creation of channels of information and exchange
European Association of Distance Teaching Universities:
European Association of Institutions in Higher Education:
European University Association:
Promotes the development of a coherent system of European higher education and research, through active support and guidance to its members as autonomous institutions in their development of the quality of teaching, learning and research.
Santander Group:
The Santander Group is a European Universities' Network with the aims of establishing special academic, cultural and socio-economic ties and of setting up specific and advanced facilities as well as privileged channels of information and exchange
UNICA: Network of Universities from the Capitals of Europe:
Bologna Process
Admissions Officers and Credential Evaluators: Bologna Process:
Bologna - Bergen 2005 webpage:
Bologna - Berlin 2003 webpage:
Has a wealth of information on the Bologna Process, from basic overview to detailed activity reports
Bologna Secretariat webpage:
European Association of Institutions in Higher Education - Bologna Resources:
Main documents from the Bologna Process as well as additional documents and resources
European Network for Quality Assurance: Bologna Process:
EURYDICE: National Trends in the Bologna Process :

GMAC Bologna Project:
Magna Charter of Universities:
Bologna declaration in multiple languages
The European University Association (EUA): The Bologna Process:
The National Unions of Students in Europe: ESIB and the Bologna Process:
Trends I (in learning structures in higher education) :
Trends II (survey of main reforms from Bologna to Prague):
Trends III (Bologna four years after):
Trends IV (European Universities Implementing Bologna) :
Tuning Educational Structures in Europe :
WENR: The Bologna Process :
Listing of WENR articles relating to the Bologna process - from an overview to in-depth country updates
WES Bologna Glossary:
Information for International Students
Council on International Educational Exchange:
Provides educational exchange programs such as study abroad, international professional training, seasonal work opportunities and host family services
Erasmus Student Network International:
Organization designed to promote student exchange mostly within Europe
Additional Links
ACE professional section of the EAIE:
Contact information for ENIC-NARIC officers in any country of Europe by clicking on "ENIC-NARIC website" in the left margin and then clicking on "Select country of your choice"
Citizens Signpost Service:
Offers tailored advice on procedures when moving to a country in the EU (e.g. entrance visa procedures, rights of residence, etc.)
Danube Rectors' Conference:
Information about the association and their annual conference
Portal on Learning Opportunities Throughout Europe (PLOTEUS):
UNESCO International Bureau of Education Europe Resources:
Country dossiers by region, including education profiles, reports, curricular resources, bibliographies and links
WENR - Glossary of European Anacronyms:
World Education News and Reviews (WENR):
WENR disseminates vital information on education developments around the world, and includes practical "how-to" articles on credential evaluation, international admissions and recruiting; searchable database by country
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