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Education System Information
African Education Portal:
African Educational Research Network:
Network dedicated to the dissemination of information on Africa - many links
African Higher Education:
A collaborative activity of the Association of African Universities, the African Studies Association, and the African Studies Center of Michigan State University; Provides a wealth of information on African higher education.
Contemporary African Database:
Project funded by the Rockefeller Foundation to provide information on African people, institutions and history; University listings are not comprehensive, but do include faculty profiles with research interests
Education en Afrique (French):

Excellent site dedicated to education in Africa. Includes great resources and information, plus a forum for the discussion and exchange of information on African education
WENR - Profiles of Higher Education in Selected Countries of French-speaking Africa:
World Bank African Education Page:,,cont

Government Links
Inter-university Council for East Africa:
Inter-governmental organization whose mission is to encourage collaboration between universities in East Africa, governments and other organizations, both public and private
Ministries of Education, Contact Information:
Addresses, telephone and fax numbers
Ministry of Education Links:
Links to Ministry of Education websites for many African nations; organized by country
Educational Institutions
AAU University Links:
Member list for the Association of African Universities; listed by country
African Virtual University:
AVU has transitioned from a World Bank project to establish itself as an independent non-profit organization. The organization matches students and universities with international suppliers of educational content.
International Association of Universities Online Database:
Database of the names (only) of universities and higher education institutions in over 180 countries worldwide (searchable by country name)
University Listings:
African Internet Resources provided by the Stanford University library; provides African university links organized by country
Professional Bodies
African Academy of Sciences:
Organization of African scientists dedicated to networking, publishing, research and capacity building in science and technology
African Distance Learning Association:
African Economics Research Consortium:
AERC supports postgraduate training programs in 20 universities, research (including MA and Ph.D. thesis research), conferences, and publications. Both the full text and abstracts of AERC publications will be found on its Web site.
African Technology Forum:
Premier source of information on science and technology in Africa, providing practical information to corporations, individuals and institutions in the US, Africa and the rest of the world.
Association for the Development of Education in Africa:
Network of partners promoting the development of effective education policies. Includes databases, publications and a newsletter
Association of African Studies Programs:
North American forum bringing together people with a scholarly interest in Africa
Commonwealth of Learning, Africa Region:
Intergovernmental organization of Commonwealth countries encouraging the development and exchange of open learning and distance education resources and technologies
Council for the Development of Social Science Research in Africa:
Pan-African research organization promoting the publication and dissemination of research undertaken by African scholars. Website provides publications and research findings, book reviews and information on training and grants programs.
Elearn Africa:
eLearn Africa was established following a conference organized by the Partnership for Higher Education in Africa, which was held in Addis Ababa in July 2002. The site was established to promote the utilization of "eLearning" in Africa
International Network for Higher Education in Africa (INHEA):
Partnership for Higher Education in Africa:
Launched with funding from four major foundations in the U.S. the Partnership represents a belief in the importance and viability of higher education in Africa. Website contains a grants database and a listing of the Partnership’s publications.
Southern African Research and Documentation Council:
Independent regional information resource center seeking to enhance the effectiveness of key development processes in the SADC region through the collection, production and dissemination of information.
United Nations Development Program, Regional bureau:
West African Examination Council (Exam results) :
Posts results of all exams conducted by the council in the last 10 years, with plans to post entire results since inception in 1952, history, and operations and research activities
Research Institutions
Organization for Social Science Research in Eastern and Southern Africa:
University Associations
African Network of Scientific and Technological Institutions:
A cooperative organization that links African institutions engaged in university level training and research in the fields of science and technology. Includes a journal of research findings
Association of African Universities:
Member based association that promotes staff exchange, fellowships and scholarships, workshops, consultancies and information exchange
Association of French-Speaking Universities:
Worldwide network of over 400 universities
Inter-University Council of East Africa:
Works with institutions of higher learning in Kenya, Tanzania, and Uganda, and is located in Kampala
Additional Links
Association of African Universities - Database of African Theses and Dissertations :
Access to theses and dissertations from many African universities that include useful, region-specific data; may also be used to search for specific scholars' work
Education and Teaching Resources on Africa:
Columbia University Library’s African Studies Department links
Education Statistics:

Compilation of educational statistics by the Population Reference Bureau; includes UNESCO Education for All reports
Education, Communication and Development:
A wide range of resources and links for people working in development and education in Africa. The site also includes a discussion forum and chat room
Higher Education in Sub-Saharan Africa, Student Voices:
A project on higher education in Africa - hosted on the Harvard University website - containing background information and links on African higher education, in addition to the results of a survey of African university graduates and their recommendations for change within African higher education.
WENR - African Higher Education: An International Reference Handbook :
Book review by Brad Rappaport
WENR - Challenge and Response in African Higher Education:
Article by David Court, the World Bank
WENR - Sub-Saharan Africa: The State of Public Higher Education and the Emergence of Private Sector Universities:
Article by Kingsley Banya, Professor of Curriculum Theory and Comparative and International Education at Florida International University
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